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Our General English Online course is designed to focus on your learning requirements and aims to have you speaking fluently and confidently. Our tutors will communicate and interact with you all the time and as a result, your skills in listening, speaking and reading improve rapidly and substantially.

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What You Need


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A good internet connection

A fast internet connection is important for good sound and video quality. You will only benefit from your lessons if you and your tutor can see and hear each other clearly!

Headset and camera

For better sound quality, you should use a plug-in microphone and headphones rather than rely on those built into your device. Remember to turn your camera on.

1 hour a day

With 2 lessons a day, you will go from complete beginner to upper intermediate in 60 weeks. 


Our tutors are all experienced, fun and passionate about seeing students improve their English. They will give you their undivided attention at all times and motivate you to acheive your goal. 

John Dawton

John Dawton

 Erica Dixon

Erica Dixon

Mayer Cohen

Mayer Cohen

Sue Jenkins

Sue Jenkins

Kelly Rose

Kelly Rose


 These prices are for 25-minute online private lessons, five days a week.

Registration Fee: £30 – This includes the Course Enrolment letter and Leaving Certificate.

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