Direct English Courses

Our Direct English Courses are taught using a unique, dynamic, and student-centred approach to learn English. Every 45-minute private lesson focusses on improving your speaking, reading, listening and pronunciation skills. Our lessons immerse you in English with rapid questions and answers which improves your understanding of spoken English. The lessons also include reading and writing practice to help reinforce your learning.

45-minute lesson format for Private Lessons:

Speaking – Revision Work (15-minutes), Reading (15-minutes), Speaking – New Work (15 minutes)

Our teaching method focusses on:

Speed: the lessons are taught at a fast speed. There is no time to think and translate into your own language. This quickly improves your confidence and speaking skills.

Correction: you will listen and speak for most of the lesson and all your mistakes will instantly be corrected by your teacher.

Repetition: the lessons are taught through constant repetition and revision of grammatically correct sentences.

Beginner Course


Unit 1-2:
 To Be, There Is/Are, Plurals, Do/Does, To Have

Unit 3-6: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Gerunds & Infinitives, Adverbs, Some & Any, Pronouns, Possessive Adjectives, Comparatives (1)

Unit 7-8: Past Simple, Irregular Verbs, Future Simple, Comparatives (2), Subject/Object Pronouns, Possessive Pronouns

Unit 9-10: Present Perfect & Verb Forms, Superlatives, 0 & 1st Conditional, Have To, Going To



Unit 1-2: numbers & counting, alphabet & spelling, parts of the body (1), clothes (1), days/months/seasons, the time, colours, family (1), animals

Unit 3-6:
job names, the house, food & drink, countries/languages, daily routines, music/tv/film/newspapers, preferences & opinions, cooking, games & sport, wants, parts of the body (2), clothes (2), transport, family(2), holidays, weather, shopping, abilities, duration of time, possession, comparison (1)

Unit 7-8: the past, years & dates, distances, position & space, the future
Unit 9-10: experiences (1), travel (1), the world, size/height/weight, facts & opinions, comparisons (2), probability(1), certainty (1), obligation (1), duration of action, quantities, conditional statements (1), money & payment, employment (1), illness, furniture, intentions & plans (1)
Advanced Course



All Units: Management & Work, Quantity/Number, Shopping, Appearance & Reality, Tendency, Order Sequence, Manufacturing, Economics, Willingness & Reluctance, Risk & Opportunity, Negotiation, Ways & Methods (2), Damage & Injury, Blame/Fault, Presentation & PR, Suggestions/Advice/Recommendations, Dating & Relationships, Effort & Determination




All Units: Sympathising, Justifying, Suggesting/Advising/Recommending, Prediction (Should Happen)
Intermediate Course


Unit 1-5:
 Predictions With ‘Will’ & ‘Going To’, Linking Words 7 Clauses, Present Perfect Continuous, Transitive & Intransitive Verbs

Unit 6-10: Modal Verbs In The Past, Past Perfect, Will & Shall, 3rd Conditional, Future Continuous,As + Adj + As, Future Perfect, Wish + Past Perfect, Past Perfect Continuous, Future Perfect Continuous, Reported Questions


Unit 1-5: behaviour & mood, giving & taking orders, punishment, proof (p9), predictions, trouble & problems, diets, value & worth, cause & effect (1), conditional statements (3), stresses & pressures, character & personality, appearance, influence & persuasion, advantages & disadvantages, contradictions (despite/although), society, familiarity (be/get used to), frequency & routine, religion, prejudice

Unit 6-10: certainty (2), emphasis, comparison (3), making suggestions, past conditions & regrets, disappointment & satisfaction, employment (2), intention, cause & effect (2), responsibility, materials (2), deals & contracts, enthusiasm, wishes & regrets, the mind

Upper-Intermediate Course


Unit 1-3:
Participles As Adjectives, Must & Have To, Phrasal Verbs, Used To.

Unit 4-8: So/Such + Adj + That, Past Continuous, 2nd Conditional, Imperatives, Present Continuous For The Future, Reflexive Pronouns, Reported Speech, Modal Verbs

Unit 9-10: Passive Voice, Wish + Past


Unit 1-3: Emotions(1), Relationships, Descriptions, Materials (1), Obligations (2), Accommodation(1), Housework, Needs, Memories, Qualifications, Experience (2), Ways & Methods (1), Habits, Directions, Politics, Past Habits & Situations

Unit 4-8: Business, Tourism, Frequency, Fractions & Decimals, Telling Stories, Celebrations, Competitions, Applications, Art, Conditional Statements (2), Apologising, Laws & Rules, Hopes & Ambitions, Complaining, Explaining, Making Arrangements, Permission, Accommodation(2), Money, Emotions(2), Fashion, Hairstyles, Emergencies, Medicine, Hobbies, Tastes, Formal & Informal Speech, Introductions, Obligations (3)

Unit 9-10: Measurements, Rates, Sizes, Probability(2), Crime & The Law, Agreeing & Disagreeing, Customs & Immigration, Travel (2), Nature & The Environment, Night Life, Invitations, Events & Sport, Wishes,

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Our trained and experienced teachers are all native English speakers and will have you speaking English from your first lesson. 











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