About Trial Lessons

Free trial lessons are designed to test your level of English and provide new students with a sample of what it’s like to learn English in one of our 30-minute lessons.

Course description: Our direct method course is designed to improve your spoken English.  The main focus is on speaking, reading and pronunciation. Our lessons immerse you in English with rapid questions and answers which improve your understanding of spoken English. The course focusses on:

Speed: the lessons are taught at a fast speed. There is no time to think and translate into your own language. This quickly improves your confidence and speaking skills.

Correction: you will listen and speak for most of the lesson and all your mistakes will instantly be corrected by your teacher.

Repetition: the lessons are taught through constant repetition and revision of grammatically correct sentences.

How to take a Free Trial Lesson


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What You Need


You can download it here.

Headset and camera

For better sound quality, you should use a plug-in microphone and headphones rather than rely on those built into your device. Remember to turn your camera on.

A good internet connection

A fast internet connection is important for good sound and video quality. You will only benefit from your lessons if you and your tutor can see and hear each other clearly!
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